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Hey, I’m Dan Madrigal of Madrigal Team Gold. My two favorite things are selling homes, and pizza. Not necessarily in that order.

If you’re looking for a real estate agent who’s going to stick a sign in your yard and disappear, I’m not your guy. But if you want an agent who’s going to roll up his sleeves and do everything it takes to get your home sold for the price you deserve, let’s talk.

With our aggressive marketing, advanced home-selling strategies and Selling Checklist (that no one else has), my team and I know what gets homes sold for more. And when the negotiations get tough, I’ll go to the mat for you. You’ll have a partner who has your back every step of the way.

Here’s My Promise To You:

  • I’ll always give it to you straight.
  • No one will work harder on your dream.
  • When it comes true, we’ll celebrate with pizza.

Dan Madrigal is one of the Highest-Rated Realtors on Zillow!

Over 239 reviews and rated 4.9 out of 5 Stars!

An A+ Real Estate Agent at Your Service

The real estate market is a complex landscape made up of several disparate elements; navigating it on your own (let alone trying to sell your home by yourself) will be challenging. Instead of spending time on real estate guesswork, it’s best to leave the selling to trusted realtors in Wichita, KS — aka us.

Why It’s Important to Onboard an Advisor

Some buyers and sellers think they are saving money by not employing the services of a real estate advisor. On the contrary, going through the process on your own might actually end up costing more. You might end up selling your home for lower than its market price or overpaying for a new property.
Many real estate companies in Wichita, KS employ agents that may have some knowledge of the local market, but our agents are area experts that know how to use negotiation techniques to ensure that our client achieves their real estate goals.
Real estate agents also spare you from making transaction errors. They correct issues with the purchase agreement, keep all parties involved on schedule, and ensure the timely completion of inspections and repairs.


The Gold Difference

Clients who choose to work with us benefit from the following:

Excellent Negotiators
Our Wichita realtors use price and non-price opportunities to protect your property’s selling value. We also provide clients with exact recommendations and facilitate communication.

Selling Checklist
The last thing we want is you missing a good deal. We know what gets homes sold for more. We put your home through our proprietary Selling Checklist, geared towards getting buyers to say “This is my new home!”

Don’t get lost in the real estate territory. Navigate it like a pro with a pro. Get in touch with us today.

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