Ask people for the most popular neighborhoods in Wichita, and they’ll probably name College Hill or Riverside. Or, they may point outside the city limits to Derby, Andover or Maize.

When it comes to buying a home in Wichita or anywhere else, a popular neighborhood can mean higher prices. A “hidden gem” neighborhood can be more affordable and still offer plenty of amenities and beautiful homes. Here are some of the greater Wichita area’s hidden gems.

Great Neighborhoods in Wichita

Crown Heights

Just east of College Hill is Crown Heights, a little hidden gem. It isn’t quite as busy as College Hill and not quite as popular, but it’s cute and quaint. You’re still within walking distance of popular College Hill hangouts (not to mention pizza joints like Il Vicino and Ziggy’s), but the price range can be more affordable—anywhere from the upper 180s to mid 200s.

This neighborhood is perfect for new families and those who like a slice of old Americana with kids playing in the front yard and families hanging out on front porches. This neighborhood is big on community with yearly Fourth of July parades, block parties and a lighting theme down driveways and sidewalks during the holidays.

Crown Heights Neighborhood Wichita

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is another hidden gem. It very much lives up to its name—it’s quiet and cozy. It is still close to some of Wichita’s best locally owned restaurants as well as major streets and highways to make your commute easier. You get very affordable pricing (130s to upper 180s) with bungalow style homes that have some major soul.

Sleepy Hollow Neighborhood Wichita

Benjamin Hills

The Benjamin Hills neighborhood is located just north of Riverside. The lots are huge and, much like Riverside, the houses are all very unique with differing architecture. You’ll see sprawling ranch homes alongside homes that are more traditional. Almost every house is built differently with different floor plans. Each house has a sort of funky charm to it. The price range in this neighborhood can be 250–400k.


Huckleberry Estates

The Huckleberry Estates area in Derby is a hidden gem—all the lots have a tree-lined backyard or a waterfront property. Each lot is about a half-acre to an acre, giving families their own little oasis.

This neighborhood is tucked away and makes you feel like you’re driving in Missouri with all of the foliage and a winding road to get to the neighborhood. Listing prices are around 300–400k.

If you’re searching for a new home in Wichita, my team and I can help you uncover these and other hidden gems. And if you’re looking to list your home in any of these areas my team and I would be happy to assist with pricing, staging and listing your home to sell! Contact us today.