Use the Gold Standard to Sell Your Home

See if you can relate to this scenario the last time you sold a house, or heard about it from a friend or family member who did.

You hired a listing agent to sell your house and listing seemed like all they really did—listed it online and stuck a sign in the yard. Sure, they showed the house when people called. Maybe ran an Open House or two. But you wondered if your home could have been seen by more potential buyers with more aggressive marketing. And did you really get the best price possible? It didn’t seem like they negotiated as hard as they could have.

We hear from people with this same story, too. That’s why we work so hard to do things differently. Here’s what you can expect working with Madrigal Team Gold to sell your Wichita-area home:

  • “Set it and forget it” is for kitchen appliances, not listing a home. We aggressively market your home and keep you in the loop so you know it’s being seen.
  • We won’t go for the quick sale with discount pricing—we’ll fight for the maximum selling value. That’s your hard-earned money, after all!
  • We know what gets homes sold for more. We put your home through our proprietary Selling Checklist, geared towards getting buyers to say “This is home!”
  • Does your home need deep cleaning? Staging or interior design consultation? We’ve got people for that to make your life easier.
  • Some real estate agents can’t deal with high-pressure negotiations, leaving the burden on the seller. This is when you need your listing agent most! We can take the heat, protecting your selling value while keeping the buyer hooked.
  • No blowing smoke—we’ll give you upfront, honest advice and answers to your questions. You deserve a real estate agent you can trust, to give you the straight truth even if it isn’t the easiest answer.
The real estate professionals at Madrigal Team Gold work with you to sell your home while securing you the best price. We prioritize getting the best value from your property over a super quick sale and take time to get it right. That’s why we’re known as some of the top selling real estate agents in Wichita.

We know that to sell a property, you need to show buyers that it could truly be their home. That’s why the properties that we list are staged to sell, offering buyers a glimpse of what could be their home while showcasing all the finer points.

We can take care of other services that help your property sell faster and for the best price, including arranging for deep cleaning or an interior design consultation. When you’re dealing with a transaction that’s as important as selling a home, you need a Wichita real estate agent who will look out for your needs and keep the process running smoothly.

Perhaps you’re thinking “I need to sell my home now!” If you’re in a hurry, we can help you to get the sale that you want in the timeframe that you need. Getting a good balance between selling your house fast and making the most money from your property will help to make your sale successful.

As your local listing agents, we’re always honest and upfront about how we can help you. We’ll give you straightforward advice and make sure that our home selling process is clear and easy for you to understand.

We offer realistic advice about what alterations you should make to your home and what buyers are looking for so you can prepare your property for a successful sale. We are trustworthy for all our sellers, with a commitment to telling the truth, even when it’s not necessarily the easiest answer.

Whether you are just beginning to think about selling your home or you’re committed to selling it fast, we can assist with the sales process. Our expert team works hard to meet the needs and goals of every seller – especially getting you top dollar for your home. We offer an honest and trustworthy service that gets your property sold for the highest value.

In a major transaction like selling a home, there’s nothing like the confidence of knowing an expert is working every day for your best interests. If you’re thinking of listing your home, give us a call at 316-990-0184 or fill out the form below.

Oh, and when you sell your home? We’ll celebrate with pizza.

Let's Get Moving! Use the Gold Standard.

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